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Theatre regrets hiring former Archbishop of Canterbury for pantomime season

'It's all behind you! Oh no it is!'‘It was a baptism of fire for all of us,’ admitted Communications Manager, Kate Raines, reflecting upon hiring former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, for this year’s pantomime Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, in Winchester.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2013
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Archbishop’s ‘discomfort’ at Hitler suicide

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has expressed ‘deep discomfort’ over the suicide of Adolf Hitler…

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Posted: May 7th, 2011
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Church of England bishops call for right to move horizontally as well as diagonally

The General Synod of the Church of England has called on the Government to amend centuries-old restrictions on the movement of bishops, so that they can move horizontally and vertically as well as diagonally.

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Posted: Sep 10th, 2010
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‘Essential for bishops to have willies’, says Church of England

Archbishop of Canterbury later showed everyone the new secret handshake‘Certain traditional offices of the bishop are in practice impossible to discharge unless endowed with a penis, and preferably a good long one.’

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Posted: Aug 7th, 2010
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Archbishop of Canterbury denounces ‘Christianisation of Christmas’

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has attacked what he calls the ‘Christianisation of Christmas’ – the growing obsession at Christmas with the birth of Christ instead of regular attendance at the supermarket and the acquisition of material goods.

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Posted: Dec 2nd, 2009
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