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Premier League to outsource match production to India

‘The move will mean we will be able to hold season ticket prices,’ said a spokesman. ‘Admittedly fans will have to travel to the sub-continent to actually watch the matches, but the brands will be the same and that is what really matters.’

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2014
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Roy Keane’s beard leaves Villa role to join The Dubliners

Aston Villa assistant manager Roy Keane has confirmed that his beard is leaving to take up a role with legendary Irish folk band The Dubliners.

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Posted: Oct 11th, 2014
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Giggs to wear Fergie mask while he manages United

might try superinjunctions to block poor refereeing decisionsHaving been installed as interim manager of Manchester United after the departure of David Moyes, Ryan Giggs is set to allay fears over his lack of managerial experience by wearing a cardboard mask of Sir Alex Ferguson’s face when he arrives to take training.

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Posted: Apr 23rd, 2014
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