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Salford man in hiding after admitting he never met Mandela

‘What really brought it home to me was when my cousin Millicent said on Facebook that Mandela had been released from prison on her 18th birthday,’ said ‘Keith’. ‘Once someone has been touched by greatness in that way, it changes them. I realise now the Christmas present I bought for her is totally inadequate.’

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Posted: Dec 9th, 2013
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Rumours that BBC may launch Wild and Pointless Speculation Channel

Speculation is rife that the BBC may create a new rolling conjecture channel that gathers together experts in every subject, places them all in one room and forces them to argue endlessly about what will happen next.

The new channel is likely to be based in London, or perhaps Salford, or Swansea, or maybe somewhere else entirely, with an estimated cost of tens of millions, or more, or possibly less. Experts remain divided on the value of a channel dedicated entirely to idle speculation. ‘There is already far too much empty and useless conjecture based on nothing more than personal opinion,’ said one.

‘No there isn’t,’ said another.

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Posted: Aug 8th, 2013
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Scrap Thieves Steal Salford

‘The northern city of Manchester has today been left devastated by the theft of its twin city of Salford.

‘It probably happened over the weekend’ surmised , Manchester resident Peter Fielding ‘To be fair, I don’t think anyone else had noticed.’ he added. ‘You sort of expect things to be safe in your own backyard, so to speak, don’t you? I realised someone had lifted it when I was dumping me Tesco’s trolley in the Irwell Trolley Park.’

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Posted: Feb 25th, 2011
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