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Entire Royal family move in together to beat bedroom tax

‘We hope that this mother of all house-shares, bringing together all the royal households complete with multiple retinues of ladies-in-waiting, under butlers and corgi-wallahs, will fill the residence enough to satisfy the tax inspectors when they call.’

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Posted: Mar 13th, 2013
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Future monarchs to be chosen by ITV talent show ‘The Rex Factor’

Cowell sure this is the way to crack AmericaChanges to the royal succession laws unveiled this week mean that future potential kings and queens of the United Kingdom will now be selected by a new ITV talent show.

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2011
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BBC restages ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’ as fundraiser for Duchess of York

Oprah turning up for the custard pie finaleBuckingham Palace has today announced plans to reprise the one-off ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’ tournament with all proceeds going to their favourite charity case, the Duchess of York.

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Posted: Aug 14th, 2010
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