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Police still ‘institutionally sarcastic’ claims senior Met officer

policeBrendan Foley, Assistant Commissioner for Service Monitoring at the Metropolian Police today launched a strong attack on what he called the continued culture of ‘withering sarcasm and arch condescension’ amongst officers in the Force.

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Posted: May 21st, 2014
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Water bosses praised for ‘far-sighted’ summer hosepipe ban

Thank goodness we didn't overwater the lawn this year‘It would have been like the bloody Sahara round here, if it weren’t for them geniuses. Well done them.’

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Posted: Nov 22nd, 2012
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Sarcastic Heavy Metal tribute band ‘delighted’ to be touring tiny venues

Ironic Maiden, the UK’s premier sarcastic metal tribute band, have reassured their ‘fragrant’ fans that the ‘Ironics’ have no plans to split.
The rumour is believed to have started when lead singer Brusque Dickinson told a crowd ‘We’ll see you next year, Daventry!’ in a more sardonic than usual tone.

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Posted: Nov 1st, 2012
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Police sarcasm unit ‘struggling to cope’ with mass terror tweets

The Serious Organised Sarcasm Agency, the Metropolitan Police’s crack team of highly trained experts in preventing tongue-in-cheek humour and satire incidents, has admitted its staff are ‘struggling to cope’ with the high level of potential terror threats posted on social networking sites over the last few weeks.

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Posted: Nov 16th, 2010
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Police to be armed with sarcasm

‘Sarky Squad’ allowed to patronise public in a satirically demeaning manner

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Posted: Dec 28th, 2007
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