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Story involving Scarlett Johansson features large picture of Scarlett Johansson

The story was quite hard to concentrate on, although it possibly featured a number of less photogenic subjects such as oppressed Palestinians and starving Africans, but ooh, look, there she is again from that rom-com ‘He’s Just Not That Into You,’ the one where she goes skinny-dipping.

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2015
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Cilla Black nude images stolen, suppressed by hackers

After fears that the hackers who had targeted Scarlett Johansson had gained access to ‘intimate’ photographs stored on her computer, popular performer Cilla Black took legal advice to block the publication of the pictures, only to find that the pornography industry had a long-standing ‘gentleman’s agreement’ against just such a scenario.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2011
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