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America remembers those fallen during viewings of ‘Independence Day’

victims should have watched 'Mars Attacks!' instead‘Thousands never made it out of the movie theatres alive. It was carnage.’

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Posted: Jul 4th, 2015
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Speed cameras to be replaced by Eye of Sauron

The deal will save the cash-strapped agency over £250 million, while enabling it to cover every mile of motorway. And a recent test case has shown that that observation by a malign presence that can see everything simultaneously is admissible in court.

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Posted: Oct 21st, 2014
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Future ‘not as exciting as it used to be’ recalls futurologist

On the final day of his employment as a futurologist with the Applied Foresight Foundation, James Cantrell has been looking back at the way we once looked forward to the future.

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Posted: Feb 3rd, 2011
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Crisis as ‘deus ex machina’ breaks down

Science fiction writers are meeting in Los Angeles today to discuss the implications to their craft, after the ‘god in the machine’ developed a fault last weekend.

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Posted: Apr 9th, 2010
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Robots ‘have failed to take over the world’

Robot attackActually my sat-nav is really helpful.

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Posted: Sep 21st, 2006
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