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Yesterday to re-run old Tomorrow’s Worlds

The Yesterday channel has secured the rights to all recordings of Tomorrow’s World from the 1970s. ‘These shows predicted the future, which is now our present, and thus explain it in a way older viewers will understand,’ said channel spokesman Sam Smithers.

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Posted: Nov 15th, 2015
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Tortured artist ‘didn’t produce any better art’, reveals torturer

A research study has concluded that contrary to the belief that great art is often born from intolerable mental suffering, deliberately torturing an artist can actually lead to a marked deterioration in the quality of their output.

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Posted: Jun 10th, 2015
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Houses of Parliament identified as source of dark matter

CERN scientists have started drilling beneath Westminster in order to collect ‘high concentrations of anti-matter’. The levels being released into the community have been shown to be damaging to the public over large areas of Hackney and other North London boroughs as well as Tyneside.

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Posted: Jun 4th, 2015
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Government proposes post-coital smoking ban

'Yeah baby!' actually 'No baby'Heterosexual couples who light up after sex will face hefty fines under a proposed new law to protect unborn children. The latest scientific research has indicated that after orgasm, smoking can impede sperm-rich semen in its journey towards the cervix, slowing it down by an average of 1.2 miles per hour.

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Posted: Feb 13th, 2015
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Earth’s inner core revealed to be a giant hazelnut

Scientist from the US and China have confirmed in a paper published in the journal Geoscience something that many of us have suspected for some time; the innermost core of the Earth is a giant hazelnut.

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Posted: Feb 11th, 2015
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