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Government proposes post-coital smoking ban

'Yeah baby!' actually 'No baby'Heterosexual couples who light up after sex will face hefty fines under a proposed new law to protect unborn children. The latest scientific research has indicated that after orgasm, smoking can impede sperm-rich semen in its journey towards the cervix, slowing it down by an average of 1.2 miles per hour.

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Posted: Feb 13th, 2015
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Earth’s inner core revealed to be a giant hazelnut

Scientist from the US and China have confirmed in a paper published in the journal Geoscience something that many of us have suspected for some time; the innermost core of the Earth is a giant hazelnut.

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Posted: Feb 11th, 2015
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First pictures received of elated boffins

Footage of celebratory boffins has been beamed across the world today in a landmark experiment to better understand these mysterious academics.

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Posted: Nov 14th, 2014
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Parallel world lacks parallel bars

Dr Micky Schmidt of NASA says Earth2 has Hollyoaks, Subbuteo, Partick Thistle, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, bees, both Brian Coxes and headlines dominated by a gravy woman who has just died

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2014
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Particle physics ‘all made up’ admit boffins

what scientists know 'just incredible'‘I mean, the names! You fell for all of them: quark and muon came from a drunken game of scrabble’.

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Posted: Aug 4th, 2014
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