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Savile inquiry to woo kids’ audience with Scooby-Doo style celebrity unmaskings

Dame Janet Smith, a former appeal court judge, heading the investigation into culture and practice at the BBC in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal, has confirmed that all new suspects will be unveiled using Scooby-Doo tactics centred-on the public unmasking of celebrities.

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Posted: Nov 6th, 2012
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‘Pesky’ jurors jailed for net-based research as fairground villain walks free

Four animated jurors and their implausibly large talking dog have been found guilty of contempt of court and jailed for nine months, after conducting their own amateur investigation into a defendant accused of miscellanous evil machinations at a deserted fairground.

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Posted: Jan 30th, 2012
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Scooby Doo kids ‘beat suspects into confession’

The crime fighting kids made famous by the Scooby Doo TV series secured false confessions through violence and intimidation according to new papers released this week.

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Posted: Feb 26th, 2007
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