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Surgeons succeed in joining twins together

In an operation lasting nearly 30 hours, surgeons have succeeded in joining the identical twins Sue and Jane Grover, aged 9, together. Cases of non-joined twins are not rare at all and the decision to join them together is never an easy one for parents, but their father Nigel, a bus driver from Portsmouth, said; ‘We are all [mum, dad and twins] so happy that it’s all turned out so well.’

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Posted: Sep 20th, 2011
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Comment: Why my first four marriages are the ideal preparation for a fifth

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (Nice try though, Cathy, if you’re reading this.) The important thing is always to learn from what life throws at you, and you don’t get hitched a third of a dozen times without picking up a few pointers along the way.’

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Posted: Sep 12th, 2011
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