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3D printer creates world’s first artificial serial killer

also available from Argos, soonThe world’s first gun-toting maniac created using 3D printer technology has been unveiled and will be released into the community next week. It will undergo a test-run next Tuesday afternoon when it will be armed to teeth with an arsenal of 3D printer generated weaponry and let loose in a shopping mall.

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Posted: Dec 11th, 2013
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‘I am not a monster!’ – says Monster

During an appearance at Dunstable Crown Court a man accused of serial murder, abduction, child abuse and multiple counts of rape – in common parlance a monster – today announced to the jury that he isn’t really a monster and that it’s actually everybody else’s fault.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2013
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‘The Knitting’ (3) comes to BBC Four

Detective Sarah Lund, wearing a cream-grey-brown V-pattern jumper that’s almost low-cut, is seen investigating a crime involving a dismembered body (clad in a grey M&S XXXL North Coast funnel neck jumper with fleece for extra warmth)…

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2012
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Serial killer claims 5th victim, 4th nickname

Police can't resist solving cryptic clues ‘Detectives pleading with the press for more time to find a suitable nickname for the rampaging murderer.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2010
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Leader of torch-bearing mob warns of threat posed by shy bloke who keeps himself to himself

An angry mob leader has made a passionate case for giving a suspiciously reserved local ‘a hell of a kicking’ after fears emerged he may be a serial killer or worse. ‘Kevin Smiggins is shy and retiring. Aren’t they all,’ said head vigilante Mick Watson.

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Posted: Jul 28th, 2009
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