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Neighbours say local man ‘trying a bit too hard not to look like serial killer’

The inhabitants of the sleepy village of Perston have noticed something they describe as ‘creepily normal’ about their new neighbour Arthur Mooney, whom they find ‘just a bit too open and outgoing’.

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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015
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3D printer creates world’s first artificial serial killer

also available from Argos, soon‘Once it was possible to print a 3D plastic gun, it was the next logical step to print a 3D plastic serial killer.’

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Posted: Dec 23rd, 2014
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‘I am not a monster!’ – says Monster

During an appearance at Dunstable Crown Court a man accused of serial murder, abduction, child abuse and multiple counts of rape – in common parlance a monster – today announced to the jury that he isn’t really a monster and that it’s actually everybody else’s fault.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2013
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‘The Knitting’ (3) comes to BBC Four

Detective Sarah Lund, wearing a cream-grey-brown V-pattern jumper that’s almost low-cut, is seen investigating a crime involving a dismembered body (clad in a grey M&S XXXL North Coast funnel neck jumper with fleece for extra warmth)…

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2012
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Serial killer claims 5th victim, 4th nickname

Police can't resist solving cryptic clues ‘Detectives pleading with the press for more time to find a suitable nickname for the rampaging murderer.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2010
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