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Rotherham councillors deny ‘denial’ charges

Rotherham councillors took a brief break from humming with their eyes closed and fingers in their ears to criticise the Lacey Report for being ‘utter tosh.’ ‘I never heard or saw anybody deny anything’, said one councillor. ‘Pass me the blindfold, would you? La la la la la la la la la mmm mmm mmm mmm.’

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Posted: Feb 6th, 2015
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John Humphrys wins Celebrity Masterchef with grilling technique

Today programme presenter John Humphrys was crowned the surprise winner of this year’s Celebrity Masterchef. Humphrys won over the judges with a breakfast menu that included the Director General of the BBC sliced and diced, then served on a platter.

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Posted: May 15th, 2013
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Gordon the Gopher reveals historic ‘fisting’ abuse

‘Anyone could’ve seen what was going on if only they’d bothered to look in the right place, which was under the table mostly’.

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Posted: Apr 20th, 2013
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