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Bratz Dolls ‘gateway drug’ to marrying men with neck tattoos

Researchers in the United States have recently discovered a surprising statistic wherein women who played with Bratz Dolls as children were four times more likely to marry a man with a neck tattoo, compared to those who played with Barbies or other dolls.

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Posted: Apr 18th, 2011
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Mattel targets gym-slip mothers with ‘Post-Natal Barbie’

princess costume traded in for something more comfyThe leading toy manufacturer behind the perennially popular Barbie doll has announced the world famous doll’s latest evolution in a bid to keep her in tune with current youth trends. ‘Barbie has always been an aspirational brand, so we wanted to ensure her next incarnation was something young girls could really strive towards,’ said a company spokeswoman, who refused to confirm or deny whether the launch was a direct response to Sindy’s Malawian Orphan™.

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Posted: Mar 2nd, 2010
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