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Countdown begins for Christmas Day family hostage situation

passed down from generation to generation‘It’s become a kind of tradition,’ said mother of three, Mrs Tracy Grimshaws, ‘First the kids open their presents, then we have Christmas lunch, then my husband, Kevin goes and gets his gun.’

This year’s Christmas Day siege will come live from the home of the Grimshaws, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. ‘I have been holding my family hostage every Christmas day for the last 10 years’ said Kevin, ‘My father held his family hostage and his father before him. It’s what Christmas is all about.’

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Posted: Dec 24th, 2009
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Sky News challenges party leaders to spelling bee

‘Recent events have shown that the public are more interested in the future Prime Minister’s grasp of English orthography than whether he has any viable policies or leadership skills’ Sky’s political correspondent explained.

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Posted: Nov 14th, 2009
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BBC newsreader injured by malfunctioning ticker

ticker had just had enough of spouting the same thing over and over againThe ticker broke free from the bottom of the screen and flailed wildly around the studio during a live broadcast.

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2009
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