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New networking tool ‘Linktinder’ launched

A new website/mobile phone app has been launched, aimed at the busy professional who does not have time to separate the different areas of his life. Be it exchanging stocks and shares in the City, to exchanging bodily fluids in the country-side; if your life is morally ambiguous, this is the tool for your tool.

Known as ‘Linktinder’, the app will allow users to upload high quality photos of themselves along with their measurements, sexual tastes and details of their professional qualifications.

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Posted: Sep 12th, 2015
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Lifelong friendship destroyed by pain-in-the-arse Facebook updates

'Poke me?'‘And their pets. Their stupid, stupid, stupid pets.’

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Posted: Jan 8th, 2013
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Man arrested for not having Facebook account

A Brighton man was held overnight by police yesterday after being arrested for not having a Facebook account. Sussex Police confirmed today that the man, 37, who was questioned for over 16 hours was one of the first in the country to be detained since new laws were introduced in September.

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Posted: Nov 8th, 2011
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New social networking site breaks down religious boundaries with ‘Faithbook’

Religious groups around the world have united in welcoming a new social networking site that is designed to make religion more accessible to young people.

‘FaithBook’ offers features that mirror those on similar networking sites, but reflect the diversity of global religious practices and beliefs. Users build up their own network of contacts, or Society of Friends. They communicate with each other by writing on their ‘Wailing Walls’, or by direct messaging via the Tablet facility. Specially-designed emoticons range from Sunni (happy) to Shiite (sad), and include Catholic (disapproving), Hindu (vegetarian) and Zen (‘whatever’).

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2010
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