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Sony to fire film reels into North Korea in retaliation

Sony has vowed to retaliate against the ‘unwarranted hacking’ of its computer system by North Korea by moving a battery of film reel launchers up to the 38th parallel. ‘If they think The Candidate was disrespectful, wait until we lob copies of Bad Haircut, one of Ryan Sommers Baum’s best roles,’ a spokesman said.

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Posted: Dec 19th, 2014
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‘Rioters display poor technique’ claims Toxteth riot veteran

way too much larking about these daysJohn Ashurst, TV pundit and veteran of the 1981 Toxteth riots in Liverpool today slammed what he called the ‘highly suspect’ techniques of many of the rioters who have wreaked havoc on English streets over the last few days.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2011
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Sony launch ‘disappointing present’ game for PS3

Sony today announced the release of their much anticipated ‘disappointing Christmas present’ game for the PS3 games console in time for the Xmas market. The game promises to be an exact replication of the Christmas morning experience of getting a longed-for present which proves to be ultimately a little bit of an anti-climax.

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Posted: Dec 22nd, 2010
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Absent-minded husbands to be fitted with message recorders

Just has to rember to play the messages backAfter years of forgotten birthdays, hideously improvised shopping lists and unheeded warnings about drinking on an empty stomach, wives the world over were celebrating today as Nokia unveiled the first male-mounted answering-machine. The device, inserted in the pre-frontal lobe during a routine surgical procedure, records important messages missed during lapses in concentration, as well as verbatim accounts of all the man’s conversations during the last six months, allowing him to search back through forgotten exchanges for vital details like the names of his children and whether it is the Jews or the Muslims he must never mention in front of his father-in-law.

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Posted: Aug 28th, 2009
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