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Derek Acorah and ‘spirit guide’ split because of ‘artistic differences’

Is there a Derek here tonight? Anyone? No?The television medium’s ‘spirit guide’ Sam became ever more disillusioned with the vague nature of Derek’s readings.

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Posted: Mar 24th, 2012
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Alternative therapist sacks Red Indian spirit guide for being useless

turned out to be just a bit kitsch, reallyA reflexologist from Glastonbury has fired her Red Indian spirit guide ‘Starhawk’ for being ‘a bit crap really’, after a 35 year working partnership. Ellie Farrell had first discovered the identity of her spirit guide at a new age fair in Weston-Super-Mare two years ago; ‘A psychic artist did a pastel drawing of him. Obviously, I was delighted to know I had a genuine Native American guiding my soul through this life, but to be honest, he did look a bit twee and kitsch, like that ‘crying Pierrot’ painting, but with a head dress and mauve aura.

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2009
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