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Stupid people made to wear ‘S-plates’

only given to those stupid enough to think they don't need one ‘Warns the public they may mention their horoscope without warning’

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2009
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World Health Organisation confirms Stupidity pandemic

may well escalate to a 'Princess Di'The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the current foolishness epidemic has been upgraded to a full-blown pandemic of stupidity following the outcome of the European Elections. UN officials had been monitoring events ever since the fatal outbreak of Jade Goody in the UK and were increasingly alarmed following a bout of Gordon Ramsay in Australia earlier this month, the test for pandemic status requiring outbreaks on more than one continent.

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Posted: Jun 12th, 2009
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Computer scientists create ‘Artificial Stupidity’

‘You tell it to open the door and it pulls the door into its own face.’

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Posted: Feb 27th, 2007
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