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Millions watch idiot UKIP candidate totally ‘eclipse’ idiot UKIP leader

Vote UKIPSchool children, wearing protective goggles, were yesterday treated to the rare glimpse of Nigel Farage’s face been obscured in tabloid papers by reports of a fraudulent UKIP colleague, Janice Atkinson.

The expenses scandal of the MEP for England’s South East covered most of The Sun, which would normally be seen across the UK, shining out of Rupert Murdoch’s posterior.

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Posted: Mar 20th, 2015
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Father admits he didn’t actually spend summer outdoors

preferred staying in watching Muffin the MuleUnder pressure from his ten-year-old son Jacob, Bromsgrove insurance claims adjuster Roger Wyatt has admitted that he didn’t actually spend his formative summer holidays playing with sticks and fording rivers.

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Posted: Jul 5th, 2014
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Head of Channel 4 resigns over ‘shoddy journalism’ charge

His resignation follows a John Craven’s Newsround report accusing Thatcher-era Tory MP Clement Attlee as ‘guilty as hell of something or other’.

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Posted: Nov 12th, 2012
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