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Sunderland to open tab with fans and settle at end of season

‘Let’s face it,’ said goalkeeper Vito Mannone ‘the way we’re playing at the moment, it makes more sense just to just have a massive pay-out for the fans at the end of the season as a sort of parachute payment to soften the blow of relegation.

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Posted: Oct 22nd, 2014
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Sunderland’s female teenage nightclubbers slate Olympic women’s boxing

‘To call that authentic fighting is shite. There was no spitting or hair pulling, and the words ‘you slag’ weren’t even shouted.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2014
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Sunderland appoint Brighton boss to prepare for life in lower divisions

Sunderland FC today announced the appointment of Gus Poyet as ‘Head of Relegation’. Poyet was recently sacked by Brighton & Hove Albion for being useless, and so was judged to be the ideal candidate to manage Sunderland.

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Posted: Oct 8th, 2013
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Di Canio annexes Hartlepool United

Hartlepool United was absorbed into greater Sunderland AFC last night in a move described as an ‘historic union of ethnically north eastern football supporters’ by Sunderland’s leader Paolo Di Canio.

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Posted: Apr 3rd, 2013
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Geordies vow revenge after Angel of the North is ‘defiled’ by coat

a blatant attack on heroic Newcastle nights out In an act of vandalism that has been described as being ‘as insulting to Geordies as depicting the prophet Mohammed is to Muslims’, Newcastle’s famous Angel of the North has been given a coat.

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2013
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