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Surrey man bests Gordon Ramsay in imaginary slanging match

Householder Peter Woodburn managed to reduce the foul-mouthed celebrity to tears following a blistering outburst during a fantasy argument.

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Posted: Nov 13th, 2010
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New swearword launches tonight

The British Expletive Board is poised to launch a brand-new swearword this evening, in a move calculated to counter the growing familiarity and apathy towards established expletives.

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Posted: Dec 1st, 2009
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SatNav voice quits in the face of constant verbal abuse

‘Jane’, the well-spoken middle class English voice behind the satellite navigation system of insurance sales rep Darren Moss, has revealed that she has left Moss after constantly being told to ‘fuck off’ for just trying to do her job.

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Posted: Sep 19th, 2009
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Forest fire tackled with loud swearing

Forest Fire‘That is one mother-f**ker of a fire!’

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Posted: Sep 22nd, 2007
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