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American children dressing up as Obama this Hallowe’en

George Bush masks not selling well this year‘Usually the grown-ups just pretend to be scared,’ said one eight-year-old. ‘But at all the houses with Republican posters in the windows, they’ve been genuinely terrified.’

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2013
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Rick Perry forgets which country he wants to be President of

threatened to bomb Iowa‘What we need is a President who has a clear vision for our nation. And that is what I offer the people of…, the people of… Oh boy, just give me a minute, will you?’

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Posted: Nov 28th, 2011
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Michele Bachmann declares own candidacy a warning from God

most Republicans think they'd be voting for BatmanFollowing controversial remarks that the recent earthquake and storm on America’s east coast were a sign of God’s wrath, Michele Bachmann today declared that her own candidacy for the Republican presidential ticket in 2012 is the surest sign yet that the end times must be near.

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Posted: Aug 31st, 2011
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Tea Partier kicked out of rally for drawing ‘flattering’ moustache on Obama poster

wasn't even shown wearing an armbandEdna Mae Sutcliffe of Kentucky was asked to leave the ‘Americans for a More American America’ Tea Party rally yesterday for drawing what organizers called a ‘flattering’ moustache on her Obama picket sign. ‘How hard is it to draw a ‘Hitler’?’ fumed rally organizer Mabry Townes. ‘It’s the easiest thing in the world to draw; it’s basically just a smudge. What was she thinking? Did Tom Selleck lead the Third Reich?’

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2011
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Mad Hatter, dormouse elected to Congress in Tea Party landslide

everyone admits they'll miss Nancy PelosiVoters in Wonderland have elected a series of right-wing Tea Party candidates, including the Mad Hatter, the March hare and the dormouse, to Congress in the country’s mid-term elections.

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Posted: Nov 3rd, 2010
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