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Tesco self-scan machine develops consciousness

customers struggled to answer its questionsThere was excitement at a Haslemere branch of Tesco Local yesterday when one of its self-scan machines exhibited signs of heightened awareness and began communicating with shoppers.

‘For a few days the machine had been repeating the phrase, Unexpected Item In Bagging Area’’, said Assistant Manager Mrs Maureen Grebe. ‘Then yesterday it began asking deeper questions such as, ‘Am I an unexpected item? Are you? Are we all unexpected items in the bagging area of life?’ Now it won’t shut up.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2013
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Shelf stacker quits; Tesco financial performance too much to bear

Courtney Thomas (17) today quit as shelf stacker for Tesco as the responsibility for financial and market performance for the Tesco group as a whole is too much to bear and that his efforts have failed to revive sales, despite spending £500m on price cuts and planning a major revamp of its stores.

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Posted: Mar 16th, 2012
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Tesco bans customer after successful self-service till transaction

A shopper in London has been banned from entering any Tesco store after successfully completing the self-service checkout process without staff intervention or attempting to damage the machine.

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2010
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