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BBC Testcard couple ‘had love-child’

on-screen chemistry 'undeniable'A 22 year old man with ‘weird looking’ eyes and ‘sewn on’ hair claimed he is Britain’s first ‘Test Card Baby’, the result of a long standing on-screen relationship between Bubbles the clown and Marcia Jackson. The pair were famous for their appearances on the BBC test card from 1967-1998.

In his 1987 autobiography ‘Still Life with Blackboard’, Bubbles the clown recalls how, in the early days he and Marcia had to perform the Test Card live. They did twelve hour shifts in a makeshift studio in Lime Grove, previously used to broadcast ‘The Potter’s Wheel’, a popular 1950’s soap opera which revealed only the actors’ hands.

‘People don’t realise, the Test Card wasn’t a still, it wasn’t a photograph,’ recalled the Test Card Baby in his book. ‘Whenever there was a technical hitch or Stuart Hall was on screen we had to be totally ready, at the drop of a hat to stand in front of the camera for as long as an hour, without moving a muscle.’

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2013
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Operation Yewtree ‘A complex police conspiracy to end repeats’ claims UK Gold

Purveyors of recycled, mawkish, shit balls UK GOLD has admitted that operation Yewtree has left its schedule more barren than usual.

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Posted: May 4th, 2013
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