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Middle England civil unrest builds as agricultural advisors’ strike hits The Archers

emergency meeting called at the Bull next Friday, if all the crops aren't ruined by rain‘We have to read every word,’ said one. ‘Every bloody word.’

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2015
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Obama urges military intervention in BBC civil war

all options open, including 'doing very little'‘I know many people won’t know which side’s stories to believe, but I think we all accept that the sickening level of payoffs to BBC executives amounts to humanitarian abuse of the British taxpayer. Not to act would be to condone this gross mismanagement.’

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Posted: Sep 9th, 2013
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New digital radio provides ‘authentic hiss’ when owner more than an arm’s distance away

Citing the earlier public nostalgia for the crackles and pops of vinyl that accompanied the CD boom, the developers of DAB digital radio claimed to have re-created ‘the genuine wireless experience’ with a new feature that causes marginally intolerable hiss when a radio is left unattended.

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Posted: Jun 23rd, 2009
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