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Scandinavian detective to remain upbeat despite series of personal tragedies

nothing to see here, move along now Don’t have to be depressed to work here – but it helps!

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Posted: Jan 24th, 2015
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‘The Knitting’ (3) comes to BBC Four

Detective Sarah Lund, wearing a cream-grey-brown V-pattern jumper that’s almost low-cut, is seen investigating a crime involving a dismembered body (clad in a grey M&S XXXL North Coast funnel neck jumper with fleece for extra warmth)…

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2012
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Man wearing M&S cardigan involved in heroic act

The act is said to have involved throwing caution to the winds and to have demonstrated characteristics such as brio, risk, an indifference to social norms and an exceptional spirit of adventure.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2012
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