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Shane MacGowan becomes latest to be ruled out of chairing child abuse enquiry

Shane MacGowan has become the latest figure to be ruled out of chairing the Government’s enquiry into child abuse today, after photographs which appear to show the ex-Pogues frontman in a social setting with former Home Secretary Leon Brittan were published in The Daily Mail.

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Posted: Nov 13th, 2014
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Shane McGowan ‘too drunk to realise he’s dead’, say doctors

Doctors say that in hindsight, the singer’s rotting teeth and inability to talk, move or even stand up were all classic signs of someone being dead.

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Posted: Dec 31st, 2012
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‘Old slut on junk’ offended by Pogues song

Listeners describing themselves as ‘Scumbags’, ‘Maggots’ and ‘Cheap Lousy Faggots’ have complained to the BBC

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Posted: Dec 20th, 2007
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