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Mike and Bernie Winters Wonderland closes after one day

There's no business like Snorbitzness...The barriers have come down on the much hyped Mike and Bernie Winters Wonderland following a rash of complaints from disgruntled visitors.

Angry customers harangued the park’s beleaguered management to complain about poor quality jokes, lacklustre song and dance routines and groups of St Bernard’s standing around swearing loudly and smoking behind their kennels.

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Posted: Nov 28th, 2014
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Queue freaks flock to theme parks for the wait of their lives

‘There’s just something very British about being herded like sheep through narrow channels in the blistering heat at Thorpe Park,’ said father of five, Wayne Leech. ‘The only downside is having to go on the bloody rides.’

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2014
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Health concerns over man who paid full price at Alton Towers

met his Nemesis in the ticket boothA man, whose name has been withheld to spare him public humiliation has been detained for psychiatric reports after arriving unannounced with his wife and two children at Alton Towers and attempting to pay full price for a family ticket.

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2014
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Dozens trapped at Leveson World of Adventures

Or should that be misadventures?Emergency services were called on Sunday to help rescue passengers trapped for several months aboard a series of media rollercoasters at fantasy-themed entertainment park Leveson World of Adventures.

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Posted: Jun 17th, 2013
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Isle of Wight opens ‘CodgerWorld’, Britain’s first theme park for the elderly

‘Our centre offers the perfect place to keep the island’s key demographic occupied,’ said founder, Margret Briscoe, ‘and is ideally situated just a short bus ride from Sandown’s glamorous benches, bingo halls and fracture clinic.’

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Posted: Apr 14th, 2011
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