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Supermarket to offer tantrums via online shopping

go on, try something new todayOnline shoppers will soon be able to experience a more realistic supermarket experience after a new direct-to-your-door tantrum service was unveiled.

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Posted: Mar 26th, 2010
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Toddler complains Peekaboo ‘not as funny as it used to be’

Toddler Sammy Roberts lambasted his parents for continued attempts to entertain him by hiding behind their hands and saying ‘peekaboo’ long after developmentally he was fully aware they were still there. ‘OK, I may have laughed once,’ admitted the 19-month old, ‘but now it’s the same thing every time. It’s worse than Little Britain.’

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Posted: Jun 22nd, 2009
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Dad of toddlers ‘getting overexcited’ about promise of visit to the pub

Joan Lewis, a wife and mum from Ispwich, admitted a ‘rookie error’ after telling her husband Ian on Saturday morning that when her sister came around later, he and his brother-in-law Greg were going to the pub to watch the football. ‘He’s been bouncing off the walls since’ she sighed.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2009
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