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Top Gear controversy escalates as ‘deeply inoffensive’ off-air comments revealed

new Stig actually from just outside Acapulco Top Gear have apologised in a written statement signed by all three presenters and producers after supposedly ‘off air’ comments made during the segue from studio broadcasting to feature were transmitted live.

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Posted: Feb 2nd, 2011
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Latest road signs to display driver’s stupidity as well as speed

system views some manoeuvres as 'neanderthal'Road safety campaigners are celebrating today after the first roadside display sign to show the intelligence of drivers came into operation at a notorious stupidity black-spot on the A40.

Hopes are high for the success of the new innovation, which builds on previous systems of roadside traffic monitoring that use LED displays to flash up the speed of each car as it passes through dangerous stretches of road. The new device also takes an estimate of the driver’s IQ, based on factors such as the presence of car bumper stickers of any description, whether the stereo system’s bass speaker is of greater value than the car itself, and if the driver is tailgating while simultaneously texting and eating an Egg McMuffin.

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Posted: Aug 23rd, 2010
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Speed cameras to be replaced by reconstructions of road traffic accidents

rubbernecking 'could now save lives'‘Everybody knows that drivers slow down to look at car crashes,’ said Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, ‘which is why we plan to replace every speed camera in Britain with an authentic reconstruction of a road traffic accident.’

Under the scheme the Department for Transport will commission out of work actors to perform full-scale productions of gruesome and bloody car crashes along all of Britain’s most dangerous roads.

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Posted: Jul 29th, 2010
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Top Gear cameramen somehow capture every moment of mad cap unpredictable race

The camera crew responsible for filming the unpredictable daredevil exploits of the Top Gear team are to be awarded a BAFTA prize for excellence after once again somehow managing to capture a stunt’s every moment of spontaneous outlandish action.

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Posted: Jun 11th, 2010
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Top Gear team can hardly contain excitement as all airport runways closed

As travel plans were thrown into disarray by airport closures, the Top Gear team could barely contain their glee as they prepared to take advantage of the available runway space.

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Posted: Apr 16th, 2010
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