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Gunman firing in the air finally figures out baffling fatalities

thought Allah was catching themFinally discovered the cause of a series of mysterious deaths resulting from people being hit in the top of the head by bullets falling from the sky.

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Posted: Aug 24th, 2011
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NATO to start planning for aftermath of Gaddafi regime ‘any day now’

Gaddafi may become a fashion designerNATO today announced that planning for the aftermath of the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi would begin any time soon and probably even within ‘the next few weeks’.

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Posted: Aug 22nd, 2011
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Vince Cable defects to Libya

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable arrived in Tripoli last night and is ‘no longer willing’ to work for the Conservative and Liberal Democrat regime, Libya has confirmed.

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Posted: Apr 1st, 2011
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