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RMT to protest about ‘any and all future improvements to the tube’

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union, which represents the majority of staff working on the London underground, has initiated a major change of policy.  Instead of protesting about each individual improvement to the tube network as it has suggested, they plan to protest now about all the improvements currently proposed, and any more they come up with in future.

‘It’s all part of improving efficiency and streamlining the service we provide our members,’ said one union official.  ’Rather than organising a new bespoke protest every time, we’ll put together one all-encompassing protest about progress in general, and simply wheel it out whenever it’s needed…

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Posted: Oct 21st, 2015
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Northerners to be trained in Tube etiquette

'You're not from round these parts, is thee?'Following a spate of incidents involving Northerners chatting to random strangers, British Transport Police have launched a poster campaign.

‘We had some seriously scary moments last week’, explained an officer. ‘Last Thursday this guy from Leeds told a complete stranger his name, his business, everything. A complete stranger! Even worse, he was called Alan, and people thought he was saying something about ‘Allah’ and legged it down the carriage.’

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Posted: Feb 3rd, 2015
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Commuters beg Unions to extend tube strike

the fresh air, the view, the mayor of London cycling by...London commuters begged London transport unions tonight to extend the current 48 hour tube strike indefinitely, citing “an immeasurable improvement to our quality of life and general well-being” since suspension of services began.

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Posted: Feb 5th, 2014
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Transport for London tackle commuter delays with designated suicide station

departing, Platform 3‘It’s really not fair that a few thoughtless ‘jumpers’ cause such disruption for so many,’ said a TfL spokesman. ‘From now on we’ll be asking the suicidal to travel to Amersham and wait in line for their turn. They’ll know it’s their moment in the headlights when they hear our special announcement – ‘Don’t mind the gap’.’

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Posted: Aug 2nd, 2011
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Advertisement feature; ‘Guess Who’ game now available on Blue-tooth

‘Oh, no don’t tell me you’re the bald guy with the ginger beard who’s been leering at me since I sat down?’

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Posted: Jul 16th, 2008
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