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Turkeys consider ending ties with Christmas

The leader of the Turkeys Union for Christmas (TUC), Cluck McCluskey, has said his union is considering ending its ties with Christmas. The Grand Old Bird Brain Leader, or ‘Gobbler’ as the leader of the TUC is known, had previously hinted that he would encourage his members to down feathers

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Posted: May 22nd, 2015
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Turkeys narrowly reject anti-Christmas motion

would vote again in ten years' time, but....The Turkeys of England have narrowly rejected a motion that promised to replace old-fashioned Christmas carnage with a bright, death-free 21st century future, due to strong opposition from traditional wings of the shed.

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Posted: Nov 23rd, 2012
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Festive blow as Turkeys to get right to vote for Christmas

It is believed the Government will formally announce later this week that Turkeys are to be given the right to vote for Christmas.

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Posted: Nov 4th, 2010
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