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Jeremy Vine refusing to leave ‘virtual’ election studio

'Battlegrounds? Real life is a battleground my friend!'Presenter and broadcaster Jeremy Vine has reportedly refused to vacate the BBC’s ‘virtual set’, days after election coverage had officially ended. The BBC confirmed the Panorama presenter has ‘gone rogue’.

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Posted: May 9th, 2015
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West End plays to get canned laughter

West End theatre managers are predicting even more enjoyment for theatregoers this season, thanks to the newly introduced Enhanced Audience Reception System (EARS) system, which will faithfully reproduce the canned laughter that will tell them when to laugh.

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Posted: Sep 25th, 2014
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Special K women in court on suspicion of theft

A gang of beautiful women appeared in court today facing charges of theft and trespassing. The women of mixed origins were nabbed last week at a barn in Kent where Police found them feasting on their ill-gotten grains.

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Posted: Aug 6th, 2014
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Britain celebrates 60 glorious years in front of the television

60 years on, this new-fangled invention has liberated us from the need to interact with any other human being

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2014
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British Soap Awards wins Most Pointless Event in the Universe Award

Planet earth rejoiced last night after it was revealed the Intergalactic Federation had awarded the British Soap Awards the prize for Most Pointless Event in the Known Universe.

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Posted: May 21st, 2013
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