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Nick Clegg claims window seat on the tube in early fight back

Battered Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, still bruised from his party’s shattering losses in yesterday’s election, has already come back fighting after securing a decent window seat on the Bakerloo line to work this morning.

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Posted: May 8th, 2015
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Tourist maced by commuter in post-Olympics conversation error

CCTV recording shows the 59-year-old tourist attempting what was thought to have been an Olympic-related quip to an unidentified morning commuter who quickly dispatched him with the debilitating spray.

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Posted: Aug 14th, 2012
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Transport for London tackle commuter delays with designated suicide station

departing, Platform 3‘It’s really not fair that a few thoughtless ‘jumpers’ cause such disruption for so many,’ said a TfL spokesman. ‘From now on we’ll be asking the suicidal to travel to Amersham and wait in line for their turn. They’ll know it’s their moment in the headlights when they hear our special announcement – ‘Don’t mind the gap’.’

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Posted: Aug 2nd, 2011
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