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Wasps no longer fooled by water in a jam jar

Wasps have announced that, acting on some market research they commissioned, they have changed their outlook and will no longer placidly fall into a jam jar containing water and drown.

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Posted: Jun 19th, 2010
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Lone human being ruins wasps’ picnic

Wasps just having a nice day out with the little ones‘You wait all summer for a day that’s nice enough to eat outside and then the only homo sapien for miles starts buzzing around, waving a rolled up newspaper.’

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Posted: Aug 27th, 2009
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Health and Safety Executive cancels all outdoor life after wasp sighting

After a reported wasp sighting in a Somerset PYO strawberry field the Health and Safety executive has taken the precaution of banning all outdoor social life.

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Posted: Jul 13th, 2009
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