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‘Quids Company’ launched to assist impoverished charity chiefs

Ex charity chiefs, whose funding has dried up, are to be supported by a brand new charity ‘Quids Company’ following claims that they are likely to face severe personal hardship and social deprivation after years of financial enrichment.

The new charity will help deprived and vulnerable charity bosses in London, Liverpool and Bristol to come to terms with the ending of lucrative funding strands. A telephone support line, part funded by cash that should have gone to The Samaritans but somehow got diverted, will help those coping with the stress of any criminal investigations. Money will also be set aside to fight future legal battles and to help extended members of their families keep their mouths shut.

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Posted: Nov 2nd, 2015
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Opening of M40 pub marks end of Christmas drink drive campaigns

Wetherspoons were pleased to announce the opening of the UK’s first motorway pub this week, days after hundreds of police officers returned to their desk jobs following six weeks of ‘tiresome breathalysing’.

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Posted: Jan 23rd, 2014
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Irishman claims Guinness consumed in local Wetherspoons ‘far superior’ to back home in Donegal

Michael O’Patrick, 59, of Bexleyheath in Kent, yesterday told astonished locals in The Moon Under Water pub that he much preferred their popular stout than the one he grew up on, in the green hills of Donegal. ‘Its all about the water,’ he explained, ‘and this simply tastes slightly less like burnt coffee than the stuff we got in Donny. It’s OK to be Irish, for sure, but no one does a pint of Guinness like a Wetherspoons in Kent.’

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2009
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