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Disabled man doesn’t want to be an inspiration

Disabled slacker Dave Studley 32, has hit out at people who expect him to be an inspiration to others.

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Posted: May 20th, 2014
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Non-paralympian disabled people complain about relentlessly positive image

‘At least when everyone pitied me I still got assistance boarding a train. Now they just stand and wait for me to do something awe-inspiring.’

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Posted: Mar 12th, 2014
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Mobility scooter menace threatens Midlands city

The city centre has a huge problem with the monthly gathering of ‘Cruisers’: Dozens of mobility scooter and motorised wheelchair users who, fuelled by doses of pain-killing anti-arthritic drugs, gather to show off their customized machines and do circuits of the Old Market Square at speeds of up to 4 mph.

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2012
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