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OED grants ‘working from home’ full ironic status

Soooo busy!In a move welcomed by office workers everywhere, the Oxford English Dictionary has today granted full ironic status to the expression ‘working from home’.

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Posted: Aug 29th, 2015
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Metropolitan Police introduce dress-down Fridays

"dress 'im down, Sarge"The Metropolitan Police Service has finally recognised the changing nature of the modern workplace and begun allowing officers to mark the end of the working week by wearing civilian clothes on a Friday.

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Posted: Dec 29th, 2010
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Novelist cleans entire house

Monroe gave up work to concentrate on being a writer

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Posted: Oct 25th, 2008
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Unemployed man achieves perfect work-life balance by sitting at home doing nothing

‘I’m most proud of the tiling. That hasn’t moved on since I bought a pot of all-in-one adhesive and grout in 1996.”

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Posted: Oct 7th, 2007
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