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Last of the Durex Sisters dies at 93

Boy in Company B had one hell of a bugleBetty Durex, the last surviving member of the celebrated wartime singing trio the Durex Sisters, has died at the age of 93 at her condominium in Florida. Paying tribute, Prime Minister David Cameron reminded reporters ‘It was said that her image was in every pub toilet in the land. And there aren’t many people who can claim that.’

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Posted: Sep 12th, 2015
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German WWII veteran emerges from Isle of Wight

A German WWII soldier has emerged from Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight after remaining hidden since 1945. Private Wilfried Kapteina was eventually discovered after taking captive two bird watcthers

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Posted: Nov 21st, 2012
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WWII Enigma coded messages ‘were mostly inane text chatter’

Random!Tld Russns gtfo. Eva bad mood : (

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Posted: Jul 3rd, 2009
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