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Playing video games lowers GCSE results, increases fun

The National Children’s Bureau for the Bleeding Obvious has discovered that dicking around on the Xbox rather than doing your homework, might be a barrier to academic greatness. By contrast research initiated by all teenagers, has revealed that all work and no play makes Jack a ‘swot who no one invites to parties’.

These almost contrasting conclusions have split scientists; particularly those who spend all day starring at data on a computer screen in the hope of proving that starring at a computer screen is bad for you.

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Posted: Oct 12th, 2015
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Waiting for Godot for Wii breaks first-week sales records

no-one thought this game would ever comeThe game, designed for two players, offers a series of increasingly futile activities such as arguing, exchanging hats and contemplating suicide.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2015
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FIFA 15 game to feature bribery and corruption

The new FIFA 15 football game, due to be released next month on Xbox and PS, will be the most realistic yet, claim developers.

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Posted: Sep 14th, 2014
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Online gamers become first to complete Internet on hardest setting

next challenge: visiting the Library without a cardTwo unemployed men from Woking in Surrey have become the first people to complete The Internet on the hardest setting, game designer Sir Tim Berners-Lee confirmed today.

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Posted: Jun 30th, 2012
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Unscrupulous website accused of search engine manipulation (Bieber Gaga Free Games Twilight)

googling ‘Website denies teenage Asian lesbian Doctor Who fan claims that it is attempting to manipulate its rankings on the most popular web searches.’

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Posted: Aug 3rd, 2011
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