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Printer manufacturer unveils new fruit conserve, Paper Jam

Xerox, the well-known supplier of office and home printers and photocopiers, has today branched out into the world of fruit confections and unveiled its Paper Jam, a tasty pulp-based gelatin ideal for spreading on toast or scones.

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Posted: May 27th, 2013
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One dead, two pregnant, five sacked in ‘best ever office Christmas party’

stationery cupboard fuller than everOffice Supplies firm’s Christmas party topped their previous record for fatalities, colleague impregnation and on-the-spot dismissals.

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Posted: Dec 17th, 2012
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Scientists announce ‘Computers not that good’

Share prices in technology players tumbled last night as a shock report announced that, ‘when all is said and done, computers are a bit rubbish.’ The report’s author, John Edwards of Xerox’s Paolo Alto research centre stated: ‘It just came to me in a blinding flash- these machines just aren’t all that.’

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Posted: May 18th, 2010
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