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70s patio listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site

An excited historian confirmed: ‘It’s been untouched by weedkiller or human hand for generations. It’s the most preserved example of brutalist architecture we have, outside of Slough. And at solstice time. druids will gather around to have a BBQ and a quick nap on the hammock. Yes, it may be grey, mouldy and uneven – but so is Stonehenge’.

Nobody is sure who the original builders of the patio were, but preserved artifacts suggest it was a cro-magnon builder, who smoked non-filtered cigarettes. Likewise, it’s purpose is lost, but many think that it was the roof of a burial chamber for a dead cat. The historian said: ‘It’s not uncommon for the God of Cement to demand a rockery or garden gnome stand guard over the structure. And birds would often smash snails upon it as sacrifice. What I would say, is whoever lived here, were certainly primitive’.

image from pixabay

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