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A minority of Landlords insist on ruining it for the rest by being decent

As with most professions there is always a minority acting against the rest, and with Landlords, it is no exception. There a few out there, luckily in decreasing numbers, who just want to be decent people. They must be found out and dealt with.

There is a tiny, yet irritating cluster of do-gooders, trying to raise the name of the majority, by wanting to provide affordable, liveable dwellings. Utter madness. They are against the very concept of what being a lord over land is all about and something needs to be done about it.

These insidious altruists undermine the very concept of feudalistic property ownership and want to consider radical schemes such as rent control or cleaning mould. Restrictions on rent increases are abhorrent to the core values of insisting on the maximum rent you can get, then adding a bit more. What do they think the whole point of a owning a house is, if not to make as much money off other people as possible?

As the saying goes, all it takes is a few good apples to enhance the barrel. To improve the whole orchard in fact, and no true property entrepreneur wants that.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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May 10

'professions'? ROFL.

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