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Afghan translators concerned about spam emails

With the release of 250 email addresses of former Afghan translators by the MoD, many are living in fear of being targeted by spammers, phisheres and other nefarious abusers of online abuse. 'I've emailed the Taliban to see if they can't do something about it,' said one one former translator who wished to remain anonymous (number forty-one on the list). 'It was bad enough when the MoD issued us with mobile phones and published the numbers - I don't even know what PPI is, let alone think I've been mis-sold it,' said another un-named translator (number two hundred and two on the list, just below Ahmed Khali, who also asked to for his identity to be kept secret).

The MoD has apologised for 'a slightly inconvenient release of data' but has stressed it has kept most of the information pertinent to the translators secret - such as if and when they will be repatriated and where they can redeem their Nectar points if they don't get to leave Afghanistan.

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