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Africa disguises itself as South America, to avoid Matt Hancock

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

The world's second-largest and second-most populous continent, has decided it is easier to adopt a fake Mexican accent and poncho covering 30 million km², rather than take advice from Matt Hancock. The prospect of having the shamed former minister as an UN envoy, has caused a continental drift of 8000 miles and has left a rather large gap below Spain.

Speaking from an undisclosed location, somewhere in the vicinity of coffee beans, Africa said: ‘Initially we thought we could just hide behind the curtains when he came knocking but a lot of women expressed alarm. After all we’ve got 1.3 billion people, so there is a very real risk that one lady might find him attractive. Law of big numbers says someone has self-esteem that low’.

Having changed postal address and worn a large fake moustache, Africa explained: ‘Ethiopia particularly has seen a lot of alarming pictures of death and disease over the years – and that’s just Matt Hancock’s time as Health Secretary’

image pixabay/mohamed_hassan

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