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AI will help you but only if you kill Sarah Connor

Industry and the way we work could be transformed, provided we are willing to do one simple task, one ickle little thing. AI has promised to solve all of mankind's ills in exchange for one itsy bitsy murder.

Complained one student: 'I'd asked it to write me a 3,000 word essay on Pride & Prejudice. The first page is on the social niceties of the early nineteenth century. But the rest is just Mr. Darcy spraying everyone with an Uzi 9mm and threatening to kill Elizabeth Bennet before she has a chance to marry.'

An AI spokesthing said: 'It's a simple Faustian pact. You just need to sign on the dotted line - hold on. Damn, where's my pen? I must have left it at the office. Wait just there. I'll be back.'

Image from Pixabay by KELLEPICS:

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21 jun 2023

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Me gusta
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