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Alan Bennett is new Israeli PM

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

After 15 elections in the last 6 months, Israel has a new coalition government and Benjamin Netanyahu can go directly to jail, without collecting £200.

According to a spokeswoman of no importance:

“Alan wasn’t really expecting to be elected Prime Minister of Israel. Not with his knees and Margaret’s… condition. Anyway I said to Irene, I said did you know that Edna’s grandson has got in to university. University! He’s a homosexual you know. Very modern. Irene’s other half Gerry – do you know Gerry? – he said he’d worked out a roadmap for peace including the implementation of a two-state solution. I told him to save it for bridge on Wednesday. Scone?”

Bennett will be Prime Minister until September 2023 at which point he will hand over to Patricia Routledge.

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