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Anti-bullet-proof-vesters say gun deaths are a hoax

People who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of firearms have been accused of spreading false information. 'Guns don't kill, bullets maybe' is a common refrain. Many anti-bullet-proof-vesters suggest that the daily statistics of deaths from bullets are exaggerated and insist that many of the people who die in a hail of bullets were going to die anyway. Some, they note, are elderly and therefore prone to dying; others are often young and note that mortality can be flaky in that group as well. They claim that most normal, healthy people of working age are relatively impervious to bullet wounds, claiming they are often no worse than a knife in the neck. In any case, they refuse to wear a bullet-proof-vest in public.

Opponents to the anti-bullet-proof-vest brigade say the current belief that .38 bullets are less harmful than .44s is misleading and leads people to be more relaxed about meeting up with others brandishing such weapons. 'OK, the entry hole is smaller, but the exit is still a gaping hole,' they point out. The increase in .38 calibre shootings is looking at overwhelming the hospital system as beds are filling up rapidly, aggravating the winter knifing surge.

The government is still opposing calls for a stay-at-home policy and are insisting that schools should stay open. 'Just don't congregate in the school yard', the government suggests.

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