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Arse cheeks of the Virgin Mary appear in Peach Melba dessert

After intense investigation by a team of miracle enthusiasts from The Vatican, a Peach Melba dessert has been declared more holy than the Turin Shroud.

Last Wednesday teatime, a vicar's daughter from Berkshire was fresh in from a naughty skip through a wheat field. Unaware of what she had been up to or where she had been, her dear mama had prepared her a sweet dish for being such a good girl.

When presented with the off-trend pudding popular in the 1980s, it was noted that there was a striking resemblance to the posterior of the Virgin Mary. 'I didn't stop to consider how or why, and called The Vatican immediately on the emergency Popeline,' said mother June Belfry. 'They were around in minutes.'

Following exhaustive tests and a flick through the records of Biblical Buttocks, the Peach Melba was cordoned off with velvet rope and declared the most holy of artefacts. 'Who would have believed it?' said head miracle worker Micky de Angelo. 'A virgin in Berkshire.'

A further side-miracle is currently being investigated as at no point was the phrase 'get to the bottom of this' mentioned.

image from pixabay

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